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About Pacific Ocean Drug

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab offers enhanced affordable treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction in a premier residential facility. We provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment program addressing the unique needs and requirements of our residents. We give the finest accommodations to ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment necessary for successfully introducing our clients to recovery.

When it comes to residential treatment centers close to the beach – Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is number one. We are a pet-friendly treatment center and your pet is by your side 24/7. What more could you ask for when you can get the help you need with your companion right there with you.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is a State licensed Treatment Center with a great experienced staff. From your 1st stage detox (that’s if you need one) up to the end of your treatment, you will be treated fairly, and you will be given the proper recovery tools needed to take home to start a better life. So give one of our counselors a call to explore your options.

Living life sober can give you or your loved one anything they may feel has been lost due to addiction or alcoholism. Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab understands that family, love, and children relationships can be altered due to addiction and alcoholism. We will help you rebuild your families with the best treatment options offered in the world. Marriage, family, and personal counseling are available in the facility or an outside location of your choice. Our therapists and counselors are client-addiction specialists and have been practicing in this field for a number of years. Psychiatry options of the same caliber will also be available to our clients.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is a flexible and supportive environment for anyone struggling with sobriety. We are open to Suboxone detox, Suboxone treatment, and the methadone program for people trying to recover from opiate/opioid addiction. For alcoholics, we make the Sinclair Method available to you. Anxiety disorder clients could benefit from anti-anxiety medication, which can be controlled substances. The options for you and your sobriety are endless.

Our doctors also specialize in treating the underlying causes of addiction. Some of these could include anxiety disorder, bipolar, clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and countless other diagnoses that make sobriety more difficult for some. A psychiatrist will be selected for you to track and monitor your experience in treatment and help suggest medical options that are available to you.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab wants you to find the most effective sobriety options for your life! With us, you can create a program truly unique to you! We will support you in your individual treatment choices.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our clients. We are dedicated to treating all people as individuals and welcome people from all walks of life. You have our word that we are here to help. Our highly intensive program is filled with the best clinical services available, and balanced with fun and exciting activities. Our program is luxurious, comfortable, and most of all affordable. Our team is committed to ensuring that treatment is affordable to those in need.

Most Insurance Accepted
We accept some insurance plans upon verification of insurance benefits.

Our Philosophy
Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is committed to providing an affordable premier residential rehab facility based on Competence, Dedication, and Care.

Our Team
Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab takes pride in its elite team of competent and dedicated therapists with a wealth of experience in drug and alcohol addiction treatment led by its program director.

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  • Couple Opiate Detox
  • Couples Naltrexone Drug Treatment
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  • humana
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  • unitedhealthcare
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