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Couples Treatment Assessment

Couples therapy program at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is ideal for couples in which both parties are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab we have developed quality, effective gender-specific programs to offer both parties the treatment and care they need. In addition to rebuilding their individual lives and taking the necessary steps to become balanced, independent and functional people, they will have the opportunity to fix their relationships through couples therapy sessions, in which their therapist will take them through all aspects of the recovery process.

Couples at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab are encouraged to use their time as an opportunity to repair and grow their relationships. We allow couples to stay in separate rooms individually but under the same roof so they can still support each other during their respective recovery experiences. We offer couples therapy as part of a broader, comprehensive course of treatment. This therapy is most effective when both parties are honest with each other and committed to their recovery, which is actually the sort of dynamic we strive to create.

The impact of addiction is felt more within the romantic relationship than perhaps any other, particularly when both members of the couple are battling drugs and alcohol. If not properly addressed and managed, addiction will quickly erode any trust and intimacy that has been built up in their relationship, whether it’s a married couple of 40 years or a boyfriend and girlfriend in a less matured relationship.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is mindful of the vital role that significant others play in the recovery process and the importance of repairing relationships so that patients can continue their healing with the support of those closest to them. Our Couples Therapy Program helps patients and their significant others identify and address the key issues that have caused their relationship to deteriorate, whether they’re related to addiction or another, deeper-rooted issue. We are located just blocks from Surf City where world class surfing is a way of life year-round. Surf City Detox is also within walking distance.

Codependency is a particularly common issue in couples therapy. It can be a powerful strain on the relationship. Although Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab offers a separate program for codependency treatment, couples therapy can help to uncover the codependent or enabling tendencies within a relationship. Depending on the level of codependency the therapist feels is present, they may endeavor to treat couples on their own or recommend specialized care in our designated codependency treatment module.

At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab, we provide customized, holistic treatment for all addictions at our state-of-the-art facility. For couples who would like to recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction together, we offer a unique inpatient husband and wife drug and alcohol treatment program. Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab program utilizes a variety evidence based medical, therapeutic and clinical modalities that will help them learn to cope with everyday stress and abstain from future abuse.

Although a sober spouse can be a source of tremendous strength and support to a recovering partner, when both spouses are in active recovery, each much face their own addictions while also providing support for the other. If one relapses, the chances of the other relapsing are high. As a result, each couple — whether married or not — must learn how to stay sober, be a source of strength for his or her partner, and practice the coping mechanisms taught at rehab all at the same time.

Our marriage therapist will educate and support each couple as they go through the recovery treatment process. They will teach the couples how to better communicate with one another and how to celebrate life’s accomplishments and dull the pain of its disappointments without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. Those who have children or extended family members will learn how to mend those damaged relationships as well.

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