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For Couples

Choosing to overcome drug addiction is difficult in itself. But when couples choose sobriety together, it can become overwhelming, riddled with fears, and separation anxiety. Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab recognizes and acknowledges this difficulty and has designed a specialized treatment program exclusively for couples. Our facility enables you and your significant other to stay in the same house (but sleep in separate rooms) as you both work through the healing process and foster a healthier relationship. Even though each program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual, the program offers couples therapy to begin the relational healing process the addiction has caused.

With understanding and commitment, our trained medical professionals will assist each of you through the detox process and evaluate the physical effects as your bodies begin to restore themselves. Since you will be working through this process together, it will be the first positive step in rebuilding and strengthening your relationship.
Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab uses research-based clinical practices to provide our clients with effective addiction therapy. In addition to our traditional 12 Step and non-12 Step programs, we employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). CBT is used to determine what negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors have led to the path of addiction, and DBT is used as a treatment to provide you the tools to change your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. There is often an underlying reason for addiction which needs to be addressed as well. Our goal is to treat all areas contributing to the addiction using a dual diagnosis curriculum known as “Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders.” Some of the dual diagnoses can include depression, bipolar depression, emotional distress, PTSD, co-dependence, and grief. All of our therapy sessions are moderated by two licensed clinical professionals with extensive experience and success in treating individuals with substance abuse. Our sessions are conducted in a safe and peer-supported environment, encouraging sharing and accountability.

In addition to all of our treatment programs and therapy sessions, we offer face-to-face, online, and telephone family sessions, which occur only with our clients’ consent. All sessions follow the HIPAA privacy rules ensuring complete confidentiality. No one outside of the facility will be privy to your personal information without your written consent.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab recognizes the many fears and unknowns of making a life-altering decision, and we aspire to assist in making the process easier. We offer transportation to and from the airport for out-of-state clients, and all of our facilities are pet-friendly.

Call our intake coordinator directly at 714-654-2325, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The coordinator will answer all of your questions without judgment and will counsel you on how to beat your addiction together and move into a healthier relationship.

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