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Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab wishes to congratulate Jordan Spieth on taking home the green jacket at the Masters this weekend in Augusta Georgia. Our Executive Golf Treatment track is impressed with the record-breaking victory and first major PGA win. Executive Golf Treatment is a great place to recover from addiction if you are a fan of the PGA and golfing.

Offering affordable treatment for truly dual-diagnosed clients who have not been properly diagnosed, who have many diagnoses and who need to have a thorough diagnosis from an addiction psychiatrist to manage underlying PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, depression and other issues that get in the way of recovering.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab offers a variety of options for affordable treatment for dual-diagnosed clients who may have a history of bipolar disorder, PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. We understand that substance abuse oftentimes is associated with a mental health diagnosis that needs to have a thorough diagnosis from an addiction psychiatrist to properly manage underlying PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, depression and other issues that get in the way of recovering.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is pet-friendly. We also offer treatment with your pet. Pets are incredibly therapeutic and at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab we understand the value of our clients recovering with their pet.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab is licensed with professional mental health and addiction experts that can treat bipolar and addiction at the same. While many treatment centers offer dual-diagnosis few have psychologist providing one on one counseling. A drug counselor alone will not treat bipolar and addiction.
Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab looks forward to helping you or your loved one recover from substance abuse.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab strives to provide you with current trends and information in addiction medicine and recovery. We stay on top to cutting edge and trailblazing professionals in drug addiction treatment.

Designer drugs have exploded into everyday use and access the past few years. News of “Bath Salt” and “Spice” have been marketed as not for human consumption at head shops as well as some gas station convenience stores. The knowledge and technology in chemical compounds and synthetic development is constantly changing to that is can skirt prohibition from the DEA and FDA. Both Bath Salts and Spice have been banned in the US.

On the rise and of concern is a new designer drug called Flakka. This is a synthetic design that most resembles amphetamines.

Flakka, also known as “gavel” has shown up in Florida with spotting in Ohio and Texas.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab offers education free of charge to anyone who needs it. Substance Abuse and drug addiction take a heavy toll on society.

If someone you know is struggling with substance and alcohol abuse it is never too late to call us and ask for help. We provide services for interventions, detox, treatment as well as sober coaching and sober companions.

Designer drugs are hard to detect. Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab uses the latest technologies in laboratory testing that include designer drugs. We can also provide drug testing via monitored urine quick read. If you are not comfortable watching someone test, we are happy to assist you.

Every single day someone is out there dying from addiction or is on the verge of serious harm. You may be the only thing that stands in the way of destruction. If you have the courage to call us at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab we can walk you through all your options. We specialize in dual-diagnosis with licensed mental health professionals. We also provide facilities for couples and pets. Yes, you read that right. We are pet-friendly.

You have options when you are searching for recovery and sober solutions for a loved one. We are affordable and provide licensed, safe and comfortable facilities.

Call us any time of the day and we will help you get your loved one the care they need. Insurance is accepted and a substantial discount for cash paying clients. We are half the price of what the standard rate of care collects. Why? Because affordable treatment is easy to do. Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab realizes the need to support in all of our communities

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