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Pacific Ocean’s Pet Friendly Detox Centers

Have you or someone you know been getting Sparky or Fluffy drunk or high or just haven’t been giving the pet its deserved attention due to an alcohol or drug addiction? Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab Centers have the solution to help you and your beloved cat, dog, bird or other animal become drug free and enjoy life without the use of alcohol or drugs. We are a pet-friendly detox center!

We offer inpatient treatment with the luxury of having your pet with you for the entire duration of your stay. Many people wanting to recover do not seek treatment for fear of not being able to care for their pet or are unable/do not trust another person to care for their best pet friend. We believe in the healing power of animals and offer a five-star luxurious environment for you and your pet to learn how to truly live.

If you are getting your dog drunk or just tripping over Sparky while stumbling for your next glass or bottle of booze, we are here to help you and your best friend. If marijuana, pot, hash, wax, edibles or other form of THC and CBD has you stuck on the couch feeding yourself while kitty’s litter box is over full, we are here to help you and your best friend.

Do you mistake kitty litter for crack cocaine when you are high, dry and searching the carpet? Do you forget to feed the bird and yourself because of smoking or otherwise taking crystal meth, glass, methamphetamines or amphetamines such as Adderall? Do you use heroin, morphine, or abuse prescription medication and nod out unable to walk the doggie to the park? Are you hooked on Mollys ,the new Ecstacy, taking multiple Molly pills at a time or constantly taking them, leaving your cat at home lonely for two or more nights while you are at the club? You are not alone and we work with the best drug treatment centers in Southern California.

You can now stop using the excuse of not being able to care for your pet by contacting one of our intake coordinators at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. Call our 24-hour helpline at 714-654-2325 to discuss a treatment plan and begin your path of recovery. You can also view our sister website at www.pacificoceandrugrehab.org. We have AVAILABILITY IMMEDIATELY! You have the luxury of bringing your computer and/or cell phone that you may keep with you during your treatment. All services are completely private and confidential in an executive style environment.


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