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Life for the driven executive, public official, law enforcement officer, teacher or another professional can be physically and emotionally demanding, contributing to the pathway of drug addiction. Professionals can be trapped in a cycle where they feel uncomfortable checking into rehab for worry about their confidentiality. At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab, we are governed by HIPAA privacy rules ensuring all of your information remains confidential. Our facilities are spread throughout Southern California with scenic ocean views at our Dana Point and Laguna Hills locations. Our other beautiful locations are located in Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and San Juan Capistrano.

Each facility is modern and secure, affording the professional the privacy required to continue their journey toward sobriety. Our treatment programs cater to the busy professional and provide luxurious amenities including 5-star meals, housekeeping and laundry services, and the use of cell phones, laptops, and messages. Other amenities include an executive golf package, surfing, kayaking, sunsets, yoga, Pilates and exercise programs to further your mind and body on the journey to wellness.

What sets Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab apart from other rehab facilities is our expertly trained medical staff. These clinicians assist each individual through the detox process and develop an individualized treatment plan which enables the mind and body the freedom to heal. We use clinically research-based practices to equip the individual with the knowledge and life skills to overcome addiction and function normally in society.

In addition to the widely used 12-Step and non-12 Step programs, we employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). CBT was developed as a tool to determine the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors that have led to the addiction, while DBT is a treatment that was created to provide education and tools that aid the client in changing self-loathing thoughts and devastating behaviors. Our goal also is to determine if there is an underlying undiagnosed mental health condition exacerbating the addiction known as dual diagnosis. Some of the dual diagnoses can include anxiety disorder, clinical depression, bipolar depression, emotional distress, PTSD, co-dependence, and grief. We treat the dual diagnosis with a widely used curriculum known as “Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders,” which addresses both the addiction and mental health condition.

In addition to the therapies above, we provide peer-group therapy sessions mediated by two licensed clinical professionals with extensive backgrounds successfully treating substance abuse. All therapy sessions are in a safe and confidential environment where clients will gain support and learn accountability. We also offer private, family and marriage counseling for clients who feel they need to work through issues and family dynamics to determine what roadblocks they need to remove for a successful transition to sobriety.

As an alternative to inpatient treatment, Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab also offers a sober coaching program which allows the client to receive confidential one-on-one care 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The sober coach will provide education and support while attending meetings and activities with the client. This program is perfect for the client who desires complete one-on-one attention, education, and support.

It is our mission at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab to guide you through your journey to sobriety and arm you with the life-changing skills required to ensure a positive and productive life. To speak with someone directly about our special programs and treatments, please contact our intake coordinator 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 714-654-2325. Let us assist you in the fight against addiction and guide you into a rewarding life.

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